Saturday, May 26th, 2018

A Parent Deported; U.S. Citizen Kids, Spouse Struggle to Cope

This Aug. 14, 2012 photo shows [U.S. citizen] Rony Molina holding a photo of his wife in his home in Stamford, Conn.  Molina's wife, Sandra Payes Chacon, was deported to Guatemala in 2010, leaving Molina alone to care for their three children, all American citizens. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

"Alexis Molina was just 10 years old when his mother was abruptly cut out of his life and his carefree childhood unraveled overnight.  Gone were the egg-and-sausage tortillas that greeted him when he came home from school, the walks in the park, the hugs at night when she tucked him into bed.  Today the sweet-faced boy of 11 spends his time worrying about