Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

AAO Specialized Knowledge L-1 Victory: SERDES Technology

"Here, the petitioner submitted detailed and credible evidence to demonstrate that the beneficiary possesses special knowledge of the petitioner's SERDES technology and its application in international markets. The petitioner's assertions are supported by independent evidence, such as the press release confirming that the petitioner will be implementing this proprietary technology into customer products. The evidence presented also establishes that the beneficiary has intimate knowledge of the petitioner's SERDES technology based on: the petitioner's detailed explanation of SERDES technology and the beneficiary's involvement with the product; the beneficiary's five plus years of experience with the foreign employer related to SERDES product design; the beneficiary's leadership of a team of design engineers focusing on SERDES technology with the foreign employer; his four patents in the field of circuit design; and his other contributions to the field