Thursday, May 24th, 2018

American Citizen Arrested, Handcuffed by Border Patrol for Driving Farmworkers to Dentist; ICE Threatens Public Health

"In December, a caseworker for Finger Lakes Migrant & Community
Health in upstate New York, was pulled over by federal border patrol
agents while driving two farmworkers to a dentist.  She was handcuffed,
detained for several hours and accused of transporting illegal
immigrants.  The farmworkers were taken to a detention center.  While the
case worker was not arrested, CEO Mary Zelazny says the incident shook
up the staff. 
Daniel Hiebert, U.S. Border Patrol deputy chief patrol agent in
Buffalo, says the case was a "single incident," and not part of a
crackdown on providers who treat farmworkers. … John Aplin, whose family owns Aplin Farms, … welcomes clinic staff because they help keep his workers healthy.  Aplin observes that state troopers have set up roadblocks nearby.
"They say they are looking for drugs, but we know who they are really
looking for," he says." –