Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Another Cross-Border Shooting Death by U.S. Border Patrol?

"Guillermo Arévalo Pedroza was on the bank of the Rio Grande with his youngest daughter when the bullets started flying Monday night, his wife said.  After he was hit, the 9-year-old girl wrapped her arms around him.  Nora Isabel Lam Gallegos, 26, said she, Arévalo, a 36-year-old construction worker, and their daughters Mariana and Priscilla, 10, had gone to a park on the river for a birthday celebration.  She and her daughters' birthdays fall close together, and they were having a barbecue, Lam said.  Around dusk, a Border Patrol boat appeared near the Parque Vivero, across the river from an undeveloped stretch of land in south Laredo, she said.  The two agents on board were trying to stop a young man who was swimming from the U.S. to Mexico, not an unusual occurrence on this busy stretch of the border.  On the Mexican side of the river, Lam and another witness said, partygoers in the crowded park began heckling the agents and telling