Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Assault on Battered Immigrants: HR 4970 Undoes VAWA Protections and Risks Lives


" 'This will get people killed,' my colleague and I agreed while we reviewed the “Immigration Provisions” of HR 4970, the bill introduced in the House in April, ostensibly to “reauthorize” the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) originally promulgated in 1994 and reauthorized and strengthened since its original passing.  The Immigration Provisions found in Title VIII of HR 4970, however, will effectively dismantle VAWA as we know it in the immigration context, place people in danger, set up a system that will likely violate the United States’ treaty obligations, and reverse decades of progress in the nation’s understanding of domestic violence and the pernicious ways in which an abuser can exercise power and control in domestic relationships.  ...This bill effectively represents throwing decades of research and aggregated knowledge about domestic violence out the window and constitutes an abuser’s