Monday, May 28th, 2018

CA11 on standing, 287(g) – Garcia Albarran v. Morton (unpub.)


"Corina Garcia Albarran, Maria Lourdes Segobiano-DeSoto, and Luis Magana appeal the dismissal of this action against John Morton, Greg Dozier, Tim Lee and Neil Warren for declaratory and injunctive relief.  Plaintiffs sought to have certain agreements between United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement and local Georgia law enforcement agencies declared unconstitutional and permanently enjoined. … We have carefully reviewed the briefs and record in this case.  We have also examined the district court’s opinion in which it thoughtfully and completely considered whether plaintiffs could show the requisite injury-in-fact for standing.  We agree with the district court that plaintiffs have not made that showing.  Since we find no legal error in the district court’s