Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

CA2 on Statelessness, Motions to Reopen: Jourbina v. Holder (Unpub.)


C. Mario Russell writes: "I am delighted to report that a stateless family’s petition for review to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals was granted and the decision of the BIA denying a motion to reopen vacated. Jourbina v. Holder 11-1540 (2CA 2013)(attached). The Jourbina family was made stateless by the Republic of Kazakhstan, who stripped them of their citizenship in 2009. After being detained by ICE, and with present counsel, the Jourbinas had sought to reopen their 1999 removal proceedings (removal order) by motion to the BIA on changed country conditions under 8 USC 1229a(c)(7)(C)(ii), arguing that their citizenship had been pretextually revoked on account of their status as Christian, Russian, and non-ethnically Kazakh minorities