Thursday, June 21st, 2018

California Supreme Court To Rule on Undocumented Immigrant’s Law License

"In 2009, Garcia passed the California bar exam on his first try.  But
2009 was also the first year the state bar started asking applicants
their immigration status, and Garcia’s application was flagged for
review. University of Houston immigration law expert Michael Olivas says
a 1996 federal law prohibits undocumented immigrants from obtaining
benefits like professional licenses, unless a state law explicitly
allows it.   "There's not been a case where any unauthorized person has completed
law school, sat for the bar, passed it, and presented his credentials
for admission to the bar," Olivas says.  But in California, Olivas
believes the state bar has the authority to decide. "In this case, they
could have said no, in which case I would have to concede that they have
the authority to say no. They also have the authority to say yes."  Sergio Garcia concedes gaining admission to the bar may be a long shot