Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Construction in Texas: Workers Underpaid, Contractors Skirting the Law

In this blockbuster 2-part report by NPR's Wade Goodwin, construction in Texas comes under the microscope.  Highlights:

April 10, 2013 – "Homebuilding and commercial construction may be an economic driver for the state, but it's also an industry riddled with hazards.  Years of illegal immigration have pushed wages down, and accidents and wage fraud are common.  Of the nearly 1 million workers laboring in construction here, approximately half are undocumented. … The economic collapse of 2008 brought with it an onslaught of wage theft, according to the Austin-based Workers Defense Project.  At the end of the week, construction workers sometimes walk away with $4 or $5 an hour, sometimes less, sometimes nothing.