Monday, December 9th, 2019

Designing Temporary Worker Programs: Hiroshi Motomura


"Some of the most vexing and persistent questions in U.S. immigration policy involve whether and how to design programs to admit temporary workers.  These questions often prompt disagreement, even among those who otherwise agree on many aspects of immigration law and policy.  To address these questions, this Article starts with a brief overview of temporary worker admissions in U.S. immigration law today, and then summarizes the main points typically made by supporters and skeptics.  It next identifies key questions for those who would design temporary worker programs.  The main part of the Article then explains how analysis of temporary worker programs generally reflects some combination of four broad perspectives.  One perspective evaluates temporary worker programs as a force in the U.S. economy that benefits many citizens and permanent residents but disadvantages others.  A second perspective views admission of temporary workers not only in comparison