Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

DHS ‘Privacy’ Policy Blocks Release of Names of Immigrant Arrests; Paper Sues

"The Obama administration announced last week that it had made America
safer by arresting 3,100 illegal immigrants who have criminal records or
are immigration fugitives or immigration violators. Twenty-four of that
number were right here in New Hampshire.  If it is true, that is
great news. We are all for getting illegal bad guys off the street. But
since the federal government refuses to give us the names of the
supposed bad guys, we can’t tell if it is true. Indeed, having the power
to whisk people off the streets without identifying them is more than a
little chilling. … The Union Leader and Sunday News are suing ICE in federal court to force
it to provide the names of those it claims to have arrested. We believe
the taxpayers and citizens of New Hampshire have a right and a need to
know when people are arrested here, for whatever reason." –