Thursday, June 21st, 2018

DOS Interim Final Rule with Request for Comment: Exchange Visitor Program – Summer Work Travel

"The Department of State (Department) published an initial interim final rule with request for comment on April 26, 2011) (2011 IFR) to amend the regulatory requirements of the Summer Work Travel category of the Exchange Visitor Program. In this second interim final rule (2012 IFR), the Department expands upon and provides guidance on additional regulatory changes and bolsters portions of the regulations to both further to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Summer Work Travel Program participants and to reinforce the cultural exchange aspects of the Program to promote mutual understanding in accordance with the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961. The Department has reviewed the comments submitted in response to the 2011 IFR, and this rule reflects those comments. Also, this 2012 IFR reinforces the cultural exchange aspect of the Program through the addition of a cultural component, and provides additional protection to program participants by describing