Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

DREAMers Go Public In Fight For Immigration Overhaul

"Dulce Guerrero had lived with a stressful secret for years and was finally ready to share it with the world.  She opened up in front of dozens of friends, strangers and camera-wielding journalists who had gathered for an immigrant rights demonstration two years ago in downtown Atlanta.  The Cobb County woman’s secret: She was living illegally in the United States.  Guerrero is a polarizing figure in the debate over illegal immigration.  For some people, the Pebblebrook High School graduate is a brave activist fighting for a righteous cause.  For others, she is an irritating lawbreaker seeking objectionable changes in state and federal immigration policies.  Guerrero, now 19, is among the nation’s “Dreamers,” immigrants who were illegally brought to the United States when they were children." –