Monday, May 28th, 2018

EOIR Announces Filing Deadline Changes Due to Power Outage

"From July 2-3, 2012, a power outage in the Washington, DC, area disrupted operations of the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). The BIA will, therefore, consider timely filed any filing that meets both of these criteria:

  1. the filing was due on a weekday during the week of July 2, 2012; and
  2. the BIA received the filing on or before July 11, 2012.

No request or documentation is required.

Filings that arrive after July 11, 2012, are subject to normal filing deadlines. If weather is an issue for any filings that the BIA receives after July 11, 2012, parties should consult the BIA Practice Manual, Chapter 3.1(b)(v), on page 34 (“Natural or manmade disasters”). The BIA Practice Manual is available on-line at" –