Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Exiled by Love: Gay Couples With No Path to Green Card Leave U.S.


"Not long ago, Brandon Perlberg had a growing law practice and a Manhattan apartment he shared with his partner, who is British.  They hosted themed dinner parties and wine tastings for a wide circle of friends.  But Mr. Perlberg, an American who is gay, now lives in London.  Early last year he reluctantly left his law firm, rented out his apartment and said goodbye to friends.  After nearly seven years in the United States on legal but temporary visas, his partner had not been able to obtain a visa as a permanent resident.  The two were facing the possibility of permanent separation.  Americans with a foreign-born spouse of the opposite sex are able to get them resident visas, or green cards, with relative ease.  But federal law does not allow Americans to petition for green cards for same-sex spouses or partners.  Eventually, they face a choice of remaining in the country with the immigrant here illegally or leaving the United States."