Saturday, May 26th, 2018

For Young Immigrants With a Past, A Fear of Falling Into Policy’s Grey Area

"Cecilio, 24, came to the United States from Mexico 11 years ago.  He’s expecting to graduate from Borough of Manhattan Community College next year with an Associate’s Degree in liberal arts.  Cecilio satisfies the age, residence and education requirements to be eligible for a work permit under President Barack Obama’s new immigration policy unveiled last week.  But he’s also used a fake Social Security number to work at a fast food restaurant for nearly 10 years.  He was also caught by Customs and Border Protection agents when he entered the U.S., and was immediately returned to his native Mexico.  A day later, he made a second, successful, attempt to come to the U.S.  “I was kind of happy,” he said, referring to Friday, when he heard about the new policy.  “But at the same time I was like, ‘OK, we need to see first what are the requirements.’”   For those who have medical,