Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

H-1B Litigation Victory in Seattle: Abdur-Rahman v. Napolitano

Devin Theriot-Orr writes: "Rashid Abdur-Rahman and his family are one of many who
have been caught up in USCIS's change in policy regarding what constitutes an
employer-employee relationship for purposes of H1B status. USCIS approved his
H1B petitions for the same employer several times, and his employer filed a
timely extension request in 2006. USCIS failed to take any action on the
requested extension for over two years. During that time, Mr. Abdur-Rahman
moved on to a new employer. USCIS then issued in 2008 a lengthily RFE to his old
employer, requesting itineraries and end-client contracts for his work two
years earlier in 2006. The employer responded and provided the documentation
that was available, but indicated that, due to USCIS delays, many other
documents were no longer available. USCIS denied the petitions, and as a