Sunday, May 27th, 2018

H-2A Filing Tips, Selected Statistics and Forms

"In a continued effort to assist H-2A employers with preparing their
agricultural job orders and applications, the Department has revised the
H-2A Filing Tips
to alert employers to common filing mistakes which can delay the
processing of an H-2A application. The H-2A Filing Tips may be found on
the H-2A program page under Factsheets and Filing Tips. Also posted on
the H-2A program page is a new Factsheet presenting H-2A program
selected statistics based on applications submitted during the first two
quarters of FY 2012. The Fact Sheet includes information on the H-2A
program use, including top filing states, activities and crops. To view
or download the Factsheet please click here.

In addition, the Department has received OMB approval to extend the
H-2A forms which were previously set to