Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Home Is Where They Let You Live


"Each year many thousands of children are brought to America by their parents. They come before they have any concept of citizenship, much less of belonging. Like me, they will draw their notions of “home” not only from what is familiar and desirable but also from what is permitted and denied them.  Today, I am a permanent resident. I can go and come easily, but at borders I am still reduced to the girl who once made the mistake of calling America her home.  I check and recheck my passport for my green card.  It’s always there, right where I put it, along with the uncertainty, the fear and, yes, the anger I’ll never quite outrun.   “Home.”  At 13, I had that notion knocked out of me in ways that were useful, or mostly so.  But the word still makes me uneasy, and even now, whenever I am given a choice, I leave the answer blank." - J