Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Honduran Immigrant in Minnesota Released After Two Years of Detention

"Dolores had just fallen asleep in her jail cell early one morning last week when she heard a guard’s voice barking: “Get your things together. You’re going.”  At first, Dolores thought she was being deported. For much of the time since immigration agents picked her up in 2010 during a traffic stop when she had no legal documents, the Sherburne County jail in Elk River has been her home.  Suddenly she was leaving it.  Hours later, she learned the truth from an immigration official who she says told her: “You’re very expensive to have here in jail.  The budget isn’t good and you’ve got to go. Call your friends.”  Dolores was one of hundreds of undocumented immigrants released from detention centers across the country last week in a controversial move by federal officials to save money in anticipation of $85 billion in automatic budget cuts that began to take effect Friday as sequestration talks broke down