Monday, May 28th, 2018

Immigrant: Obama Policy Clears Him for Bar Admission

"An undocumented immigrant who passed the Florida Bar exam but was denied the ability to practice law by examiners says an Obama administration change to U.S. immigration policy means he should be given his lawyer license.  In April, José Godínez-Samperio filed a legal challenge after he was denied the license in a first of its kind case at the Florida’s Supreme Court. He now hopes President Obama's new policy will offer a way for him to live out his law dreams.  Obama announced last month that undocumented immigrants no older than 30 who arrived as children, have no criminal history, and have high school degrees or military service could stay and work in this country.  In a motion filed Thursday, Godínez-Samperio told the state Supreme Court that the administration's order makes him eligible for legal immigration status and work authorization in the U.S.  "The significance of this action for (Godínez-Samperio) and