Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Immigration Nightmare Separates Ex-Marine from Spouse

"A few weeks ago when Juan Perez of Sunnyside and his wife, Diana Blanco De La O, celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, the couple couldn't give each other that anniversary's traditional gift of flowers.  They couldn't share a romantic dinner out, or even a low-key night propping their feet up at home and snuggling through a rented movie.  The couple have lived more than 2,800 miles apart since early 2011, when Blanco De La O became stranded in Mexico while trying to obtain a green card.  They've spent almost two years trying to convince the federal government why it's a hardship for a husband and wife to be separated.  And their attorney, Tom Roach of Pasco, says they never should have been separated at all.  "This is bureaucratic stupidity," Roach told the Herald." –