Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

In Secret Classrooms at Georgia’s ‘Freedom University,’ Immigrants Hope and Dream

"Mr. López, who had been brought to Georgia from Mexico as a toddler, came to resent the fact that his very existence here had become a political issue.  He got involved in local groups pushing for greater opportunities for immigrants like him, and for policy changes far beyond the scope of the failed federal legislation.  He designed T-shirts that proclaimed "Undocumented Rebellion."  And he found comrades: In the two years since the Dream Act's defeat, a highly organized youth movement, grounded in civil disobedience, has emerged, as many young immigrants have become more open about their status.  Through those circles, Mr. López met a young woman named Georgina Perez, who told him about some professors at the University of Georgia who were teaching college-level courses to young people in his situation.  Classes were free, she said. Transportation, books, supplies—everything paid for.  She had been going, and with