Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Judicial Naturalization Victory in California: Hajro v. Barrett

Kip Evan Steinberg reports victory after a 9-year battle: "In sum, based on the record evidence and testimony at trial, the Court finds that Plaintiff did not provide false testimony in connection with his Form I-485 or N-400 Applications. In the instances where Plaintiff’s responses were deficient, Plaintiff proffered reasonable, credible explanations for the omissions. Moreover, throughout the interview process, Plaintiff consistently volunteered information with the intention of providing USCIS with a full and complete picture of his background and affiliations to enable it to make its decision. The Court therefore finds that Plaintiff has met his burden of establishing that during the three years immediately preceding the date he filed his 2007 N-400 Application, he was a person of good moral character. Accordingly, having