Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Living the Story: Undocumented Pulitzer-Winning Journalist Pushes Reform

"Speaking to journalists with The Institute for Justice and Journalism
at a conference at the University of Oklahoma this week, Vargas
explained that since his "coming out" as undocumented, he is not legally
able to be employed. Of course, almost 12 million people in the United
States are undocumented, and most of them are employed—using fake Social
Security numbers, working under the table or other situations. But
given the high-profile nature of Vargas’s revelation, it's unlikely any
employer who knows how to use Google would hire him.

But Vargas has not been sitting home twiddling his thumbs since
revealing that he is undocumented and hence legally unemployable. He has
been working harder than ever, traveling the country and doing 60 talks
in 10