Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Looking Beyond the Wall: Encountering the Humanitarian Crisis of Border Politics

"On a crisp, cold November night, under a blanket of stars, we huddle by a fire.  The steel border wall glows in the moonlight. Coyotes howl, bark and yip.  Some students don’t sleep that night.  They lie awake, their nerves on edge.  Before coming on this field trip, we had read voluminously about the border.  Now, camping within sight of the wall, many feel anxious in this unfamiliar environment.  We’re here as part of a class I teach at Northern Arizona University.  Our plan is to explore, from a multitude of angles and perspectives, the 2,000-mile border that divides Mexico and the U.S.  Having read about the border, watched films, and discussed and analyzed immigration policy in terms of cost and effectiveness, we’re on a five-day field trip to explore both sides of the divide." –