Thursday, June 21st, 2018

NSEERS – The Reality

"I represented a student from Johns Hopkins. He was from Pakistan. He had gone in to register [for NSEERS.] He had applied and had been admitted to Johns Hopkins for his Master’s Degree. Johns Hopkins knew his situation. However, somewhere along the way, Hopkins failed to advise him properly about the timing of filing his application to change status from H-1B to a student. He ended up in jail and in deportation proceedings. He also was the President of the student body. They and the professors provided tremendous support. Thirty-plus people came to his deportation hearing. The Judge was impressed. We conducted an all-out campaign to get him reinstated. We were finally able to get him reinstated so that he could stay in the U.S. The fallout from NSEERS for him and many others created unnecessary problems and psychological and emotional scars." –