Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Obama’s New Immigration Policy: Disappointment Is in the Details


"Within the niche where I reside, most of my friends and colleagues are supporters of President Obama.  He is one of us: a former law professor, a liberal, and—a point of pride for many of us—a person of color who has navigated his way in the whitest of worlds.  But among those of us who teach immigration law, the jury is still out.  He has not pursued immigration reform as aggressively as he promised, while he has been among the most aggressive enforcers of immigration law in history.  Two weeks ago, together with other immigration-law professors, I drafted and circulated a letter to the president, calling upon him to use the administrative discretion available to him, in lieu of any likely legislative reform of immigration policy right now, to help undocumented college students who find themselves in the worst of all possible worlds.  It appears that he heard us. Or did he?" –