Thursday, June 14th, 2018

OCAHO Reduces I-9 Fine from $87K to $17K

"ICE’s motion for summary decision sought penalties in the amount of $86,933.00 and offered in support the Declaration of Karen Rahlf, Forensic Auditor, dated October 18, 2011 and an accompanying Memorandum to Case File Determination of Civil Monetary Penalty.  The government asserts that the baseline fine was calculated at $770.00 based on the fact that 45% of March’s I-9s contained substantive violations.  The penalties were then aggravated for lack of good faith, for seriousness of the violations, and for the involvement of unauthorized aliens, resulting in an enhancement of $115.50 each for a total of $885.50 for each violation. … While March did not file evidentiary materials in response to the government’s supplemental filings, documents previously filed by the company reflect a deteriorating financial position starting in 2009 and a precipitous drop in the number of employees at the end of 2011