Friday, May 25th, 2018

Opinion: ‘Sealing’ the Border a ‘Fantasy’

"Americans can build walls and fences, triple the number of Border Patrol agents, and deploy SEAL Team 6 if they like.  Yet, it won't make much difference.  Talk to the experts — the Border Patrol agents — and they'll tell you: There is no impediment that a person won't go around, over or under if it means being able to feed his family. … Here's the elephant in the Congressional caucus room: Americans will never control illegal immigrants until lawmakers — in both parties — "man up" and risk angering the businesses that contribute to political campaigns by fining and locking up U.S. employers who hire illegal immigrants.  And let's not forget one of the biggest offenders, who is somehow never mentioned by the media — the American household, with its growing dependence on nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, senior care givers and other helpers.  Adding to the problem, pro-border security conservatives confuse "securing"