Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Padilla Retroactivity Supreme Court Amicus Brief – Case Examples Needed

Stephen W. Manning writes: "AILA's
Amicus Committee seeks case examples for a brief to be filed at the Supreme
Court in Chaidez v. United States.  In Chaidez, the Court will
address whether its decision in Padilla v. Kentucky may be
applied retroactively.  Padilla acknowledged a settled duty of
criminal defense counsel to provide accurate advice about immigration
consequences to a noncitizen defendant prior to the defendant pleading guilty
to an offense.  If you are litigating a case concerning Padilla's
retroactive effect, we would appreciate a short summary of your case, as well
as a description of the hardships that may be endured by the defendant or his
or her family members ifPadilla is (or was) not applied
retroactively.  While