Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Persecuted Immigrants Become U.S. Citizens in Dallas Ceremony


"A citizenship ceremony in the federal courthouse in Dallas on Thursday paid special homage to the “most vulnerable” newcomers to the United States — those granted asylum from persecution back in their native lands.  Among them was Roseline Ngaaje, a teacher and women’s advocate in her native Cameroon. She was granted asylum through the work of the Human Rights Initiative, a Dallas nonprofit whose staff filled the jury box as a crowd of families sat ready for an unusual courtroom ceremony.  Ngaaje, who is now a 52-year-old school administrator, took center stage, greeted federal Magistrate Judge Jeff Kaplan, then told the crowd holding miniature U.S. flags, “Congratulations to all of us.”  They gave her a standing ovation just for those five words — because she was one of them." -