Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Pew Analysis Highlights Immigrant Integration and Economic Contributions

"Immigrants integrate into U.S. society over time and they contribute to
the U.S. economy. These crucial yet often-overlooked facts are
illustrated well by the Pew Hispanic Center’s latest statistical profile
of the foreign-born population. According to Pew’s analysis of Census
data, most immigrants have been here for more than a decade, and the
longer they have been here, the more likely they are to have become
homeowners and learned English. Moreover, growing numbers of immigrants
are becoming U.S. citizens, which translates into growing political
clout. The Pew data also show the degree to which immigrants fuel
labor-force growth and fill valuable roles in the economy as workers in
both high-skilled and less-skilled occupations. In short, immigrants are
integral to the nation’s social and economic fabric."