Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Shocked, SHOCKED to Find ICE Unresponsive: Immigration Court Shackling Policy

"The Court issued its second order regarding the ongoing in camera review on February 1, 2013.  (See Dkt. No. 122.)  In that order, the Court ordered the Government "to comply with the January 7, 2013 order to provide the date and time the August 2011 [restraints] policy [for asylum seekers] was finalized through the submission of a sworn declaration." … The Court did not ask what date the guidance document was finalized, or generated, but rather what date and time the policy decision was first made regarding the restraints policy for asylum seekers.  (2/1/13 Order, Dkt. No. 122.)  For that reason, Mr. Lorenzen-Strait's declaration is non-responsive. … In light of the above, the Government shall provide a sworn declaration by March 6, 2013 providing the date and time that the policy decision on the restraints policy for asylum seekers was made.  Failure to comply will result in Document Nos. 18320 and 18345 being ordered produced without