Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Some Wary of Deferred Action

"Robert Uy, a partner at the Law Office of Lien L. Uy who handles immigration cases, said that under a different administration, deferred action could be moot.  “As it [deferred action] is a policy change, a new administration could simply reverse the policy,” Uy said. “Further, there is no guarantee as to what will happen to the families of eligible students, as the guidance does not contemplate what the government will do with the information gathered from the eligible students in their applications. As such, many students and youth are afraid to apply at this point.”   “There is some nervousness about applying,” said Chris Punongbayan, deputy director of the Asian Law Caucus (ALC). “A lot of concerns stem around confidentiality protections if their applications are denied.”  ALC will host legal consultation clinics for those interested in applying for deferred action. Likewise, the Asian Pacific American Legal