Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Student worker visas draw complaints

"Almost 17,000 college students from around the world worked in
seasonal jobs in New England last year, and in doing so, have become the
latest flashpoint in the battle over foreign workers and American jobs.  With
the economy still struggling and teen unemployment at record levels,
supporters of tougher immigration policies say a State Department
program that brings in these foreign students is displacing young
Americans in need of work.  … Despite high unemployment, business owners say they still aren’t able
to attract enough Americans to work as dishwashers and housekeepers.  'It’s jobs the American students don’t want to take,' said Michael
Briggs, resort manager of the Chatham Bars Inn, where up to 175 workers
are Asian and Eastern European students. 'We put the ads out there, but
we just don’t get any takers.'" –