Thursday, June 21st, 2018

The Deported – Some ‘Double-Undocumented’

"Deportees who do have a Mexican ID often have it confiscated by
American immigration officials or the local jails where they are first
detained. Though detainees are supposed to get their belongings back
when they’re deported, they are transferred quickly from the jails to
immigration detention centers hundreds or thousands of miles away. Their
IDs stay behind, along with the rest of their possessions.  In an average month, No More Deaths volunteers recover from jails and
detention centers about $1,000 in cash (dollars and pesos), 17 bags of
belongings, and 16 pieces of ID. David Hill, a former linguistics Ph.D.
student who now coordinates the property recovery project, tells me,
"Many feel like they need to give me a reason why they need their
property back, beyond it just being right and just. The first thing they
say if they’re in Mexico is that they need their ID. They won’t mention
their phones or things of monetary value