Thursday, May 24th, 2018

The Great Overseas Jobs Creator

"…We now need one US Senator to simply let the issue run its course.

Mr. Grassley should not be demonized for his position on business
based immigration policies, nor should this debate be any more acerbic
than in previous years.  He is, of course, entitled to his opinions on
these issues, and they should be respected.  Nonetheless, such positions
have arguably done a great deal to stimulate overseas employment.  Mr.
Grassley might be properly viewed as one of our country’s most effective
jobs creators; the created jobs just so happen to be outside the US. 

With luck, Mr. Grassley might alter his position on these issues and,
with continued bipartisan efforts, our country will enact business
based immigration policies that further job growth in the US.  Maybe big
business can even forgive and forget and open a few plants in Iowa." –