Thursday, June 14th, 2018

The Grey Lady Waffles on Use of the I-Word

"On Tuesday, The New York Times updated its policies on how it uses the phrase “illegal immigrant” in its coverage.  The newspaper did not go as far as The Associated Press, and it will continue to allow the phrase to be used for “someone who enters, lives in or works in the United States without proper legal authorization.”  But it encourages reporters and editors to “consider alternatives when appropriate to explain the specific circumstances of the person in question, or to focus on actions.” … “I have a lot of respect for The New York Times,” Mr. Vargas [Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter] said.  “The New York Times published my essay after that Washington Post rejected it.”  But he said he felt that The Times needed to make some changes.  “The New York Times needs to get with the times.” " –