Thursday, June 21st, 2018

The Growing Human Rights Crisis Along the Northern Border: Report

"For three years, OneAmerica community organizers had been hearing
about the fear and mistrust border residents harbored toward U.S. Border
Patrol. Residents living in Snohomish, Whatcom, and Skagit counties
were too afraid to go to the courthouse to pay a fine, too mistrustful
of the authorities to call 911, or too fearful to leave their home to
attend church or go to the grocery store.  How could they become active participants in their communities if they were too scared to leave home?  Organizers interviewed residents in their homes, at work, and in
church. We researched and observed how U.S. Border Patrol’s funding
soared, its jurisdiction crept further and further inland, and how its
role in the community became virtually indistinguishable from local
police and 911 emergency service personnel.  OneAmerica compiled this research into a report and, in April 2012, released