Saturday, May 26th, 2018

The Luck of the…Immigrants

"[E]specially during hard times, it’s sound
political strategy to blame the people from away, whether “away” is
Quebec, Mexico or Somalia.  Since we have all been more or less constantly on the move since our
ancestors decamped from the old neighborhood in Ethiopia, 195,000 years
ago, you’d think that, as a species, we might have worked through our
hostility and suspicion of newbies by now. But we haven’t.  So let’s have one day — March 17 — where the word “immigration” is not
immediately followed by the word “problem” in our national conversation.
Because that has never, ever been our real immigrant story. St.
Patrick’s Day reminds us to celebrate, not despise or fear, immigrants.
And the hyphenated-Irish, descendants of the first “immigrants,” ought
to lead the parade." –