Thursday, June 14th, 2018

The May 2013 Visa Bulletin Rocks…For Some

"The Visa Bulletin for May 2013 contains great news for a select group of persons who have been waiting in line for years to obtain green cards through their jobs.  The worldwide EB-3 category jumps forward 5 months to December 1, 2007. What’s more is that EB-3 workers born in the PRC are no longer hampered by the 7% per-country quota.  Unfortunately, EB-3 workers born in India are not so fortunate.  Their category advances only 2 weeks.  And the EB-3 category for Filipinos moves ahead only 1 week.  The worldwide EB-2 category remains current (no backlog), but while EB-2 PRC advances 6 weeks, EB-2 India moves not at all.  Hopefully, Congress will eliminate all per-country quotas for EB workers this year.  After all, talent is talent!  The worldwide family-based preference categories move forward