Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Undocumented Youth: ‘We Want to Serve’


"Pablo Reyes-Morales’ dream to serve in the United States military was stoked when he was in high school.  “Since I was in ninth grade, when I saw the slogan for the Navy, and it said, “a global force for good,” I was instantly interested,” he said.  But that dream shattered when Reyes-Morales attempted to enlist. He says it wasn’t until that moment, that he learned he was undocumented, and therefore unable to serve the country.  “When I came out of the office of the Navy, I cried,” he recalled. “My dad is a very proud person – I’ve never seen him cry, but that time, he cried with me, and he told me was sorry he’d never told me before.”  Reyes-Morales counts himself among the ranks of the ‘Dream Army’ – or, young, undocumented people who are currently barred from serving in the U.S military." –