Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Unpub. BIA Visa Petition Victory: Bona Fide Marriage

"We have reviewed the record of proceedings, including the decision of the Field Office Director; the NOID; the response to the NOID; and the petitioner's contentions on appeal.  Based on our de novo review, we are unable to reach the same conclusion as the Field Office Director.  We are persuaded by the petitioner's explanations for the discrepant statements on appeal. … The petitioner has sufficiently addressed the Field Office Director's concerns expressed in the NOID and the denial decision.  Given the explanations, as well as evidence showing a joint life such as the bank accounts, the life insurance policy, the automobile insurance, and the detailed sworn statements of _, and the parties' friends, we reverse the Field Office Director's denial. … The appeal is sustained. … The visa petition is approved." –