Thursday, June 21st, 2018

USCIS Cracking Down on H-1B, L-1 Visas

"As director of Oracle’s (ORCL)
U.S. immigration program, Denise Rahmani arranges work papers for
foreign employees the company wants to bring to the U.S. Last year, she
says, the federal government denied 38 percent of Oracle’s visa
requests. “It used to be almost none of them got rejected,” Rahmani
says. Today, “it feels like the roll of the dice every time.”  U.S.
companies have griped for years about how hard it is to hire high-tech
workers from abroad under the government’s H1-B visa program. Now,
they’re upset with the Obama administration about the difficulty of
getting visas for foreign workers already on their payrolls who are
needed for key projects in the U.S. So intense is their frustration that
Oracle, Microsoft (