Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Utah Immigration Law Could Hinge on Fate of Arizona’s

"Karen Tumlin, managing attorney with NILC, said
HB497 would be unconstitutional because it would require a person to
wait while local police verified legal status — even after the original
reason for a stop had been resolved by either issuing a citation or not
finding enough evidence to detain the person. That, she said, would
amount to a warrantless arrest.  "We see concern with the police-check provision on SB1070 and HB497, which would lead to unlawful detention," she said.  But even if the Supreme Court upholds SB1070,
both that law and Utah’s law will still be subject to court hearings as
lawsuits filed by civil liberties groups would then go forward." – David Montero, Salt Lake Tribune, Apr. 27, 2012.