Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Victory in Bolivian Gay Asylum Case – Arlington Immigration Court


Jan Pederson writes: "Immigration Judge John Bryant of the Arlington Immigration Court today [Apr. 27, 2012] granted political asylum to a gay Bolivian who filed his asylum application almost ten years after entry.  The Court found that the applicant’s serious and continuing PTSD, depression and anxiety; the applicant’s youth and lack of lack of knowledge of the availability of asylum based on sexual orientation constituted extraordinary circumstances for waiving the one year bar to asylum and further that the applicant filed within a reasonable period of time.  The applicant was eighteen years old when he entered the United States.  He was unable to speak about the horrific and sadistic sexual abuse he suffered based on his sexual orientation at the hands of both government officials and private actors until he had worked with a mental health therapist at the Whitman Walker Clinic and was referred to an immigration lawyer