Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Why A Ten-Year Wait Looks Good By Comparison

"I write this blog with some sarcasm.  The family fourth preference (F-4), which allows US citizens to sponsor their siblings for a green card, is horrendously backlogged.  It takes over 10 years for a brother or sister of a US citizen to obtain a green card. If the sibling was born in the Philippines, the wait could well be over 25 years.  So, why is it a piece of cake?  After the State Department released its Visa Bulletin for October 2012, the F-4 at least for the worldwide category appears to be more advantageous in terms of waiting time than say the employment-based third preference (EB-3) for India, which is applicable to jobs that require bachelor’s degrees or at least two years of training or experience.  The EB-3 for India is so backlogged that it could take a US employer70