Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Young Immigrant, Newly Fearless, Ponders Future

"She is a member of the New York State Youth Leadership Council, a nonprofit, youth-led organization that fights for immigrant rights.  Her funny, pointed videos about the perils of navigating a life that is "undocumented and unafraid" are posted on the Internet.  Her "Ask Angy" advice column has counseled hundreds of young illegal immigrants on everything from dating to suicide; the BBC has done a short piece on the column, as has NPR.  But suddenly the star, the one who can always research the answers and write about them in pithy prose, is stumped.  And scared.  After sitting down with a lawyer, she learned that not only is she eligible for deferred action — a murky status that allows recipients a reprieve but is not a path to citizenship — she might be eligible for much more.  A deeply buried horror from her childhood, which surfaced during a rigorous examination by her lawyer, means she might qualify for a special